What Has The Light Done For You?

Jeremiah 2:20-22 (ESV)

“20”For long ago I broke your yoke
and burst your bonds;
but you said, ‘I will not serve.’
Yes, on every high hill
and under every green tree
you bowed down like a whore.
21 Yet I planted you a choice vine,
wholly of pure seed.
How then have you turned degenerate
and become a wild vine?
22Though you wash yourself with lye
and use much soap,
the stain of your guilt is still before me, declares the Lord GOD.”

One of the scariest places a Christian can be at in their walk with Christ, is the place where they become senile. All the troubles and heartaches that the Lord brought them through, the miracles performed in their family and the bondages that once paralyzed their life were broken by our Father in heaven, yet those become distant memories that seem unreal. Christians who get to this place forget the agonizing pain that once consumed their body, the sleepless nights an suicidal tendencies and begin to pretend that it never happened. The fear of the Lord begins to fade and the individual feels as if nothing bad can ever go wrong.

The Children of Israel were the perfect example, they had been led to land where they would be prosperous. However during that time they would end up becoming slaves and agony overwhelmed their everyday lives. However the Lord had a plan and brought Moses to facilitate their deliverance out of Egypt. Miracles were performed and impossible situations conquered as they were led to the Promise Land. However, once experiencing times of prosperity they began to FORGET and were about to be taken into captivity.

This captivity is waiting in the midst for each of us. Waiting for us let down our guard and lose the fear of the Lord that keeps us indebted to Him. This is when our communication with the Lord begins to fade and the devil swoops in and goes for the kill. This backslidden state of being is scary and really causes my stomach to turn, because that backslidden individual was me. When you’re in this dark pit the climb back to the top is 100x’s tougher.

While the climb back to the top is possible, as evident by the Children of Israel and myself, it takes discipline. So discipline yourself now rather than waiting for the enemy to take you as a prisoner. Read God’s Word and devote yourself to prayer and fasting. Remember where you came from and what God has done for you! God bless.


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