Who Are You Serving?

Romans 1:1

“Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,”

Servant – One that serves others.

I love the way Paul opens his letters, stating to the people that he is a SERVANT of Jesus Christ. What I love even more is that in it’s original greek text it is written as, BONDSERVANT. When we think of a servant we think of someone who is forced to carry out tasks, duties and/or labor. Either because they have been taken captive or because they need financial support, therefore they subject themselves to this servanthood. Our modern day term would be an employee, because most of us get jobs to support ourselves and our families. So we become employees which are subject to instruction by managers and/or supervisors.

Employees do not work for free, they either get paid or they quit. Sometimes employees will even threaten their leaders with quoting in order to receive more money for their work. Now do not get me wrong, I am not saying that getting paid for out work is wrong in anyway, I’m merely setting the scene for what a BONDSERVANT is. You see because a BONDSERVANT is someone who freely chooses to serve, without pay. One who when they are faced with the option of living according to their own ways or staying to serve in subjection to their master. Which in the Christians case is Jesus Christ.

This is why I admire Paul, because he had no need change his ways. He was living life the way he wished, he was in good favor with the people and was working for the high priests, so he had no desire for financial support. However, when the Lord came to him, he freely set aside all those things to become a servant for the Lord.

Most of us come to the Lord out of desperation, whether it be for financial support, a broken heart or the need of physical healing. Which by no means are bad reasons to follow Christ, but Paul had everything going for him and was on his next mission when the Lord spoke to him and turned his life upside down. My question is this, Are we living our lives as employees, expecting something in return from God? Or are we living as bondservants, thankful for all the things HE has already done in our lives and how HE has molded our hearts?

I urge you today to evaluate yourself, are you doing this Christ thing because you believe it offers more benefits than the world? Or Are you truly allowing God to set you apart because of the Love that has encompassed you and turned your heart from the selfish and bitter person you used to be? If you truly wish for the Holy Spirit to take hold of your life start by examining your heart, forget about the blessings you desire and focus on what God has called you to do, spread the Gospel to all the nations. (Matt. 28:19) Open yourself up and live as a BONDSERVANT. God bless.


One thought on “Who Are You Serving?

  1. I’ve also heard that the original text is actually translated better as “slave.” However, the translators shied away from that term. And… Jesus said, you cannot serve two masters. Who is your master, and who SHOULD be your master? That’s the question…

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